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Content Creation and Copywriting

Editorial positioned in a high-profile publication is one of the best PR tools a company can have. JB Promotions knows that readers are more likely to pay attention to editorial than advertising alone. The team can produce content for any campaign, that clearly communicates the message of your business. We have produced copy for a wide range of publications including regional and national newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, The Wiltshire Gazette Series and the Western Daily Press. Lifestyle and equestrian magazines such as County Living and Horse & Hound and content for newsletters, online campaigns, social media posts and press releases.

We work efficiently but take the time to write and research content and we are comfortable writing about a wide range of topics. We produce quality features and have a feel for what reads well and what will cause a reaction among readers.

When producing Press Releases, our expertise and excellent relationships with publications and their editors allows us to produce content that we know they will be pick up on, increasing coverage and ultimately your company’s reach. A skilfully created press release has the power to grab its audience and convey a message.