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I’ve been part of the JB Promotions team since August. I initially came into the office for two weeks of work experience and the team haven’t been able to shake me off since! 

In the three months that I’ve been here I have learnt a huge amount about the processes and challenges of working in PR and I’ve had the opportunity to work on plenty of exciting projects for a variety of clients, all while drinking enough tea and eating enough biscuits to feed a small army!

One of the highlights for me so far has been producing articles on behalf of one of our clients. This involved interviewing amateur riders and writing two articles for regional magazines. It was particularly rewarding not only to see something that I had worked on from start to finish in these publications, but also to enable amateur riders to have their achievements recognised in print. 

I’ve also particularly enjoyed learning about the role of social media in PR, and the way in which data can be gathered and analysed in order to ensure that we are consistently achieving excellent results for our clients.

I expected to enjoy the chance to exercise and build on my writing skills, but I have been surprised to discover how much I enjoy the opportunity to be creative in the production of digital content for some of our clients, such as twitter headers and graphics for social media.

One of the best things about JB Promotions is the way we work as a team. Working within a small team has made it really clear to me the instrumental role that each individual plays. Everyone has something really valuable to contribute, and it is inspiring to see how the office dynamic allows us to bring our talents and skills together, making us a really strong team.

I am looking forward to seeing how the projects we have in the pipeline develop and, of course, we’ll be sure to keep the blog updated with all the goings on.